Junior Fixed Complete Double Banner Hardware Kit Specifications

  • The Junior Fixed COMPLETE  DOUBLE Banner Bracket Hardware Kit includes four Junior Arm Castings with the 13/16"  solid fiberglass rods epoxied into them. A "Kit" will install TWO banners top and bottom hem on opposite sides of a light pole. COMPLETE KITS include Quick-Release Banding and Cable Ties and will install two banners top and bottom hem on a light pole.
  • Works best with banners 30" x 60", or less
  • Designed as an economical version of the Windspill Deluxe Fixed, it is manufactured of the same quality materials.Heavy Duty Construction: Cast of aircraft quality 356 aluminum alloy, with T51 heat treatment. All rust-resistant components.
  • The 2" width and the 5 5/8" length of the Arm casting provides lateral and vertical stablility for your banners. The arm unit is designed to properly fit round, square (up to 5" wide), octagonal and fluted light poles over 2 " in diameter.
  •  It should be noted: The Junior Fixed Hardware does not have the adjustablility that the Junior Adjustable Hardware does. With the Junior Fixed, you will need to release the banding on the bottom banner hems in order to change out banners; then reposition and retighten (or replace) the banding.
  • A unique feature of the Junior Fixed is that it has banding guides for up to six (6) quick-release bands per pole for added strength on larger banners. Four Bands are included in the Kit for a standard installation.
  • Four 13/16" diameter unidirectional fiberglass rods are epoxied into the four Arm castings, providing flexibility while maintaining strength. The canted rod keeps the banner taut, yet absords the wind energy to reduce stress on the banner and the light pole. Up to 25% wind-load reduction.
  • Can be upgraded to the Junior Adjustable with the addition of four Junior Base Unit (#WS-5511) And Bolts. A unique design, patented by Windspill.
  • There is a convenient banner tie-down to secure your banners to the hardware.
  • Safety features built in. No additional safety or lynch-pins are required. The 13/16" unidirectional fiberglass rod is epoxied into the Arm casting - no moving parts to wear out or fail.
  • Stock sizes for 18", 24", 30" and 36" wide banners. Custom Rod lengths available.
  • Will support up to TWO 30" wide x 60" long banners, top and bottom hem - see: Banding Requirements
  • Twelve Year Warranty when properly installed and maintained.
  • This kit will install two banners, one on either side of the pole, sharing the same banding.
  • Standard Packaging: 3 kits per carton.
  • If you are in a high wind area or change banners frequently, it is recommended that you choose the Windspill Junior Adjustable  Double banner Kits or for banners over 30" x 60", we recommend the Windspill Deluxe Double Banner Kits.