WINDSPILL© Light Pole Banner Bracket Hardware Kits
Made in the USA for 30 Years

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L to R: Deluxe Adjustable,Junior Adjustable, Deluxe Fixed, Junior Fixed
DEluxe Adjustable W/HD Banding
Embacadero - San Francisco


Buy Factory Direct and Save 20% or More

We have created this Factory Direct Online Store to offer Windspill's high-quality Pole Banner Bracket Hardware to end users as well as approved wholesalers. The resulting low overhead allows us to pass the tremendous cost savings on to our customers (SAVE 20% or more).

Windspill Banner Mounting Hardware has been reliably displaying Street Pole Banners since it first received a U.S. Patent in 1992. Well over 100,000 installations attest to the strength and durability of Windspill Banner Mounting Brackets.

Some of the features of Windspill Banner Hardware are:

  • No-Rust Components
  • Engineered to withstand up to 80 mph winds
  • Fits most sizes and shapes of light poles
  • Can be anchored to a flat wall or wood pole
  • Rod arms are set at a 2 degree angle to properly tension the banner (except 18" JR)
  • No moving parts to wear or fail or need costly adjustments
  • TWELVE YEAR WARRANTY - 29 Years of Proven Performance

Select which style of Banner Hardware Kit fits your needs, HERE


   Photo shows top hem only for illustration, but Windspill Banner  
   Mounting Kits will display a banner top and bottom hem.

   Stock sizes available for 18", 24", 30" and 36" Wide banners.
   (Special Hardware for 18" wide banners is available in the Junior Kits only.)
   Custom rod lengths available up to 36" (ask for details).

FREE SHIPPING 0ver $200. 12 Year Warranty.   Select the type of banner hardware kit you are interested in for Sizes, Prices and Product Information.

COMPLETE Hardware Kits (Junior and Deluxe) to install ONE Banner per Light Pole

BASIC Junior and Deluxe SINGLE Banner Installation KITS (Banding NOT included)

COMPLETE Hardware KITS (Junior and Deluxe) to install TWO Banners per Light Pole